Autumn Colours

It’s been a pretty good autumn for colours again this year, with two or three spectacular weeks at the end of October / beginning November.

Though its one of my favourite times of year, getting out and making good images I find more challenging.  The gallery above are my three favourites from this year.

There are a few things I always watch out for, based on bitter experience!

Reds.  Acer and Maple leaves (particularly those Japanese Maples in ornamental gardens) seem to have a habit of losing detail.  Shooting RAW helps give a lot of latitude to expose to the right and then bring it back again, but it seems to be a battle when trying to get that glow.

Shooting backlit leaves.  I’ll resort to spot metering the leaves if I can, digital giving the opportunity to test the exposure.   I either try to keep the sky out – or deliberately let it go ‘studio white’

Rich colours.  Best captured on a dull day (using a tripod of course!).  Low contrast days allow you to extract the detail and create the contrast later in Lightroom, Photoshop or whatever package you use to process your images.

The last challenge is trying to get decent structure out of the morass of leaves and branches!  I’ve come to like finding strong shapes in the tree branches or alternatively looking for layers or areas of contrasting colour to give my pictures some shape.


About Rob Friel

An amateur photographer, who's interested in sharing learning with others!
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