Simon Roberts’ Human Landscapes

Simon Roberts, one of the most talented English photographers I’ve seen came to present to Brighton and Hove Camera Club last night on his work, which I can only really describe as human landscape photography.  I’ve included a link to his work below.

What I really liked was his approach, and the thought that went into capturing little moments in life.  He is a photojournalist – so there’s no manipulation or editing.  The photographs of Russia were taken on medium format film (easier to travel with – no battery issues in freezing temperatures) with a standard lens, the photos of England and our recent general election were shot on large format.   A lot of thought clearly went in to his artistic vision, certainly in getting the height to create the sense of depth in the photos.  I particularly like the sense of place and location his photographs have.


About Rob Friel

An amateur photographer, who's interested in sharing learning with others!
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