Some good photographers who are also friends say that they most like my more abstract photographs.

Why?  What makes people react more strongly to them?

I’m largely self taught.  By that I mean I go out, take pictures, put them up for critique (worthy of a separate post) and try to understand what people like about them. Finding common threads through this process can be difficult, learning comes slowly.

That’s not to say that I haven’t been on photo holidays and short coursed.  I’ve picked up some great tips and usually learn something every time I’m on one.

One top tip on composition, which make some sense of where I started this post, was to select a subject and work outwards from it, deciding how each element adds to the picture or not.  Stop as soon as you start adding elements that are not adding anything.  Minimal, simplistic images by their nature must do this; you have removed all non essential elements and distractions that might lessen the impact of the subject.


About Rob Friel

An amateur photographer, who's interested in sharing learning with others!
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2 Responses to Simplicity

  1. I like that tip! Great shot!

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